14 June: After yesterday’s frustrations, this song is the perfect one to start the day. Happy Thursday everyone.


13 June: Very insightful TED videos. 

Being an introvert most of the time, I can relate to everything Susan Cain is saying. It’s a great reminder that “there’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” Thankful for this video that puts into words most of my thoughts today. I especially like this line: “[Introverts,] the world needs you and it needs the things you carry. So I wish you the best of all possible journeys and the courage to speak softly.”

The video is 20 minutes long but worth it if the quotes ring true to you.


12 June: Rainbow perked up my walk to work this morning. (Taken with Instagram)


11 June: Shared passion for the beautiful game. And a great result at that.

Some might find it strange that I’m a fan of the Azzurri. Or even stranger that I’m almost equally a fan of La Furia Roja.

On the Azzurri. I’ve been a fan since I started watching the 1990 World Cup held in Italy. At that time my favourites were Toto Schillaci (maybe I just liked saying his name), Baggio, Baresi and Maldini. In ‘94 the level of admiration grew immensely. I have to say though that it was Paolo Rossi’s performance in the 1982 World Cup that initially got me. I still remember my brother Paul making me watch those videos way back then.

So in all aspects of the world’s most beautiful game, my brothers were the most influential. There’s Paul, fan of the Azzurri and there’s Justin, die hard fan of La Furia Roja. Add to the mix my husband and it’s a crazy football party! With the passion for this sport in my family, I am thankful that there is an equal amount of respect for why we choose the teams we support. Most of the time we agree anyway. There’s no question that Spain has and will always be my second favourite team.

Each time these two sides face each other, my fanhood is tested. Here in Sydney, I get to follow the Primera Liga more because of the husband and also, because  the coverage of Serie A is not great. In effect, I probably know the Spanish team and the style of play of each individual more than that of the Italians. But, once a die hard fan, forever a die hard fan. When Italy and Spain face each other on the pitch my heart will always go for blue. I stay true to my number one team all the time. Forza Azzurri!

Last night’s match was a great one to watch. Both teams played well. I have to say though that with high expectations from the defending European and World champions, Italia did impress me more. As Paul said in a tweet: Who would’ve thought Del Bosque with the pragmatic approach and Prandelli going for it. I thought De Rossi filled in really well as centre-back and Pirlo worked his magic to get Italy on the front foot with Di Natale’s goal. I’ve always loved Pirlo’s vision on the field.

Iniesta played a brilliant game too. Another one with incisive passes and the vision to constantly be a threat when the ball is at his feet. His play caused Spain’s equaliser by Cesc.

I can’t wait to see what this Euro Cup has in store. For now, I’m really happy about this result.


10 June: Having someone to walk hand in hand with. (Taken with Instagram)


9 June: Great conversations and new perspectives. (Taken with Instagram)


8 June: A nice bottle of wine on a Friday night. (Taken with Instagram)


7 June: That Jose Miguel Pons was born thirty something years ago and became mine. : )



6 June: Another long day at work. But I managed to find the energy and will to sneak a 3K run in before heading home. Better than nothing! :)


5 June: Leftovers for dinner after a grueling day at work. (Taken with Instagram)